This single skill will open a world of new possibilities for you

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What’s Web Scraping and why learn it?

The web is the single biggest resource for data, it’s a literal archive for human knowledge at least for the last 20 years. …

How to classify Arabic Text the right way

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“The goal is to hit the sweet spot of maximum value optimization, where foolish risk is balanced against excessive caution.” — Steven J. Bowen

Problem and intuition:

Most of data science algorithms are actually optimization problems, given the data and a model that we define we are trying to find the best parameters that “best fit the data”. To do so we need a way to measure the error, this comes in the form of a loss function higher values indicate that our parameters estimates are poor, while lower values indicate that we are doing a great job. …

The wisdom of the crowds for machines

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You want to organize a movie night with your friends and you’re looking for the perfect movie, you search on Netflix and you stumble upon one that caught your attention. To decide if the movie is worth watching or not you have multiple options.

The basics:

In this article we’ll try to uncover how linear regression works. The best way to understand it is through example. Suppose we have the following problem , we are trying to predict a student’s grade given how many times he didn’t attend the class. With enough data points we’ll end up with a graph that looks like this :

The complete Data Science pipeline on a simple problem

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The problem:

Dream Housing Finance company deals in all home loans. They have presence across all urban, semi urban and rural areas. Customer first apply for home loan after that company validates the customer eligibility for loan.

What’s machine learning:

In simple terms , it’s the process of teaching machines to solve particular problems without being explicitly programmed .

Do we really need sorting algorithms?

Humans are indeed an intelligent specie.We crave on organizing every aspect of our life.In modern times digital life has become as influential as the real one. The solution to organize this online mess is through the use of sorting algorithms. These pieces of coded logic are literally everywhere on the internet. You want to check the latest post on your favorite blog? Well just press the button to sort them by new. You want to find out the cheapest toothbrush on an E-commerce website? …

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AI and machine learning enthusiast.

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